How often have you thought that software developers and artists are quite alike to each other? At first thought, it might seem that both these professions are in no way similar but a deeper glance will tell you that both of them are “makers” at the end of the day…

How to leverage the right operational analytics dashboard for your business goals

If you are a city/operation manager of an operationally heavy company, having a bird’s eye view of the day-to-day operations is crucial since on-ground operations are quite chaotic in nature. …

For the real world where demand, supply, and operations interact with each other!

Life in an operations team can be complex and sometimes even chaotic.

During our customer research when we used to asked the ops teams to describe their day-to-day, they often said, “No single day is the same.” Of course, their main responsibility is to ensure everything on the ground is…

To understand shipping costs, delays, cancellations and much more


For a 3rd Party Logistics vendor, Location Analytics becomes key to making decisions in strategy, city operations as well as business development. This blog will help you realize how you can use location analytics to maximize resource utilization, optimize RoI, and minimize user churn by fulfilling your SLAs.

Data Digestion and Hyperlocal Ops

With the…

Note: We at are committed to making the geospatial industry more robust and mainstream. This is part 3 of the series “Ask an Expert” where we engage with geospatial experts 1:1 on interesting ideas, discuss geospatial techniques and tools, and talk about the industry! …

Locale’s story narrated through the eyes of their investors and mentors

With Locale’s public launch a few days away, I am reminiscing about the time when we first set foot in this completely alien city of Bangalore about 15 months ago. We had a very limited time to figure things out, given the meager runaway we were running on. …

Comparison of how Locale is different from open-source on capabilities


Hello! Thinking about moving over to Or trying to decide which platform to use for the first time? In this blog, we talk about the differences between and Uber’s open-source tool, to help you choose the right tool depending on your need and use case.

With the…

A guide on how to use location analytics with Locale to evaluate performance

Key Takeaway

If you are an e-commerce company that has outsourced their delivery to third-party logistics companies, then this blog is for you. In this piece, we talk about how you can create a central place for your ops and city teams to monitor and analyze the performance of these 3PL providers.


How to leverage location analytics with Locale for your hyperlocal decisions

Key Takeaway

If you are a VP growth or strategy or operations at a micro-mobility company, this piece is for you. …

Use Console to analyze Irys mobility data for different use cases by overlaying it on top of your internal data.

Thanks to Nikhil Gupta for helping us out with this blog!

Key Takeaway:

In this blog, we will discuss how you can use to analyze Irys mobility data for different use cases by overlaying it on top of your internal data. The data is collected & curated from geolocation signals using…

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